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The Power of Wind April 27, 2015

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I don’t remember who it was, but I also don’t really think it matters. After a couple weeks of dreary rainy and colder than usual weather, the sun shined brightly on us yesterday. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as families and their dogs walked the streets. There was giggling and happiness and to be honest I felt a little left out.

At least until it happened. Outside is one of my favorite people words, and I think I’ve trained dear baby Carter to feel the same. We were standing there, together, at the door. We were kindred spirits in that moment, both wanting the same result from our actions.

Fortunately the message was received, and outside we went. Mom and dad and Carter and I, outside in the sunshine together. Dad cleaned up the yard. Mom followed an exploratory Carter. Carter followed me. There was play and laughter and a good time was had by all.

Later when we were back inside, there was a different feel to the group than there had been previously. There was a sense of peace and contentment that was somehow more noticeable to me following the fun outside. Running in the wind

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better,” suggested theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.

I didn’t even have to look very deep. I didn’t have to know whose idea it was (though I’d argue it was the dynamic duo that is Carter and I). The point was the time outside together was good for the soul. Sure, there were a million other things we could have done with that half hour of time. Practical things. Necessary things. Like laundry. And dinner. (Among other things).

But I would argue this, too, was practical. This, too, was necessary. Because it helped clear everyone’s minds and functioned almost as a restart button for the day. It helped us all regroup and focus on what is really important. It cleared our minds. Sometimes that really is more important than crossing off two more things on a to-do list. Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.


Everything’s Going To Be All Right

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Rolling, rolling, rolling!

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I dropped the ball today. It was kind of like that movie scene where you see what’s coming before it happened. I saw it and then it happened. One minute Carter and I were lounging together comfortably. The next he was rolling.

It’s my doggie understanding that rolling behavior from a seven-week-old baby is normally something to be celebrated. Its something of a developmental marker the doctors tell new parents to monitor. Except when it happens like this.On the ottoman

We were on the ottoman together. And then we weren’t. I saw it and then I heard it. The pain cry, as mom has come to call it. Usually it happens when he accidentally scratches his face or something. This was different. Mom was coming back from the bathroom when it happened.

And in that moment I think we both felt like failures. Me, because I couldn’t stop the inevitable from happening…

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The Stinky Mystery April 26, 2015

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I feel a bit like I dropped the ball. Though I rarely do this when it’s an actual ball, it does occasionally happen figuratively. Like the time I snarled at Carter when he startled me. I regret that to this day.

It happened again, as I failed in my duty to alert my dear forever family of something going awry. Stench. From the ground up, it is radiating from the nursery. I noticed it a few days ago and I think that’s when I dropped the ball. Because yesterday, it hit my dear forever mom in the face like a ton of bricks when she opened the door.

Somewhere amid the beautiful (dog-themed) nursery there is a smell. It is strong. And it is mysterious. Hours were spent yesterday attempting to locate the smell, which is localized to the room where our dear new little person will soon call home. The timing is terrible. Embarrassed?

Here we are in the midst of a time when the nesting is at full swing. From bottle sterilization (don’t ask me what that means) to the (albeit slow but sure) packing of the hospital bag, things are coming together in these final weeks. So having the nursery, the room the baby will call home, in a cloud of stink is quite troubling to all of us around here.

And I feel somehow responsible for not bringing it to everyone’s attention when I first caught wind of it. Therein lies the problem. I see it happen all the time with the people in my life and I always wish I could intervene somehow. And now it’s happened to me.

I find myself wanting to accept blame for something over which I have absolutely no control. I certainly didn’t cause the problem. Nor did I discover it that much sooner than my parents. So why does this happen?

The blame game is no game I want to participate in, even if I feel like I dropped the ball. So even if I may have failed in some way, I have decided not to let it get to me. The smell itself is doing enough damage around here, there is no need for self deprecation on top of things. Instead we wait. And I take solace in knowing love runs deep around here, and no unsolved mystery can eat away at that simple truth.


Leaving A Legacy

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Wiley Schmidt:

I don’t have things. And maybe it’s better that way.

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I don’t have money. Or property in Hawaii. Or antiques. When it comes to possessions, all I really have is my comfort circle (otherwise known as my toy collection), my food, and some treats. And the fur on my back. That’s about it.

I don’t know if it’s the recent arrival of my dear little person. Or maybe the fact that my sixth birthday is rapidly approaching. But lately this is all I can think about. Legacy. What is mine worth? I know this is how wealth management professionals make a living, advising people on financial plans for the future and beyond. But I’m pretty sure there aren’t many doggie financial advisors out there.Legacy Looks Like This

And maybe it’s better that way. This occurred to me yesterday morning as I shared a very special moment with my forever family. We were gathered together in the bedroom, all five of us, when it…

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My Book of Tricks April 25, 2015

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I’m not ashamed to say my book of tricks is fairly limited. I know the basics, like sit, stay and come (not that I’m always that good at the last of the three). I know a couple more advanced things, like rollover, play dead and shake. I fondly remember the time I spent with my dear forever mom learning these things when she first brought me into her forever home. And not just for the treats (as there were many).

The joy was my favorite part. Kisses

As for my favorite trick, I think it might be one only dog lovers would appreciate. I think it took the most time for me to learn, too, which aligns well with my belief that good things come to those who wait. “Give kiss,” mom would say. I thought she was crazy at first. I tried that once (or twice) at a previous adoptive home and was scolded ten times over.

Maybe that’s why it was so hard for me to wrap my mind around. But once I did, it became a favorite trick of mine to perform, not just for the treats but because the way I see it, a kiss is a sign of love. And there is no lack of love in my heart for my dear forever mom, that much is for sure.

Dear baby Carter is no animal. He’s a little person, who I’ve had the honor of watching grow and develop for the last (almost) 16 months. And today he brought a new kind of joy to the hearts in my forever home. Today, mom asked him for a kiss and he didn’t even think twice.

He gave her a kiss immediately, and he didn’t even require any treats for doing so. He just did it. Like he knew exactly what he was doing and had done it a million times before. But he hadn’t done it before. This was the first time. And it made my heart sing with joy to see.

I know my book of tricks is fairly limited. I know the basics and some advanced things. But seeing that happen today made me realize it’s okay to have a limited variety, so long as they have the desired effect. Like Carter and I with our “give kiss” trick. It’s not much. And the treats are nice.

But the joy is my favorite part.


Seeking Selflessness

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Wiley Schmidt:

It is because she waited that she found dear Joey.

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Her name was Olivia. And she was the most beautiful spaniel mix I’d ever seen. Granted, I only saw her on a computer screen and didn’t actually meet her in person. But mom did and she tells me she was pretty swell. At the tender age of two months old, she was a black and brown bundle of puppyhood joy. And she almost became part of my forever family today.

My dear aunt Morgan has been searching for her first fur baby of her own for more than a year. She has been through a lot on her search, from moments of heartbreak to moments of hope. She has fallen in love with dachshunds and terriers and bearded collies of all ages and sizes. She has considered buying a purebred of some kind, but would really prefer to rescue.

And today she thought for sure she had finally found her…

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Don’t Let Go April 24, 2015

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Sometimes it happens in the form of a trip over an unexpected hurdle. Or at a full run. Or mid-climbing maneuver. Or for no good reason at all. Gravity. From the ground up, it’s not a favorite thing of mine right now. I watch every day as dear baby Carter gets bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes on account of the simple truth that he falls down. A lot.

Wiley and Carter

It happened a surprising amount today, as he was in what can only be described as very dynamic mixture of happy and hyper. He ran and squealed and ran some more. He giggled and belly laughed and smiled. He exuded joy. His reasons don’t matter (they never do), but it was interesting to again bear witness to the domino effect this can have on the average day around here.

It was Friday, which is generally one of my own personal favorite days of the week. It was sunny. And everyone I encountered just seemed to be in a good mood. Days like today spark a special kind of thoughtfulness in my heart and today was no exception.

When I stop and really let myself think about these bumps and bruises that happen so frequently around here, it’s a reminder of something real in life. It’s not just Carter this happens to. There are people out there who hit hurdles today. People who are trying to do too much too fast. People who can’t pull off that crazy combination of things regardless of how hard they try. And people who, for no good reason at all, are just bruised.

But they’re not broken. They’re okay. Because when they get back up and dust themselves off they become capable of enjoying a day like today.

A day filled with with many more smiles and giggles and joy than bumps and bruises. A day when you, also for no good reason, find yourself feeling on top of the world. That’s kind of how things felt around here today, which has led me to make a very important decision. Today I decided I am indeed on top of the world. And I’m not letting go.



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