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All That I Know Is March 28, 2015

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There’s this old song I’ve heard only a few times in my life. It’s one of those little diddys that you hear once and it kind of sticks with you (whether you like it or not). In my case, it’s been a song that even comes to mind from time to time for no good reason at all. Dog Blog with a Cause

“Where am I going? I don’t know! When will I get there? I ain’t certain! All that I know is I am on my way!”

Today it happened while I was playing a hybrid game of peek-a-boo and chase with dear baby Carter. He was hiding in his play tent and I was trying to lure him out to chase me. He’s usually much more into me chasing him than the other way around, but the roles reversed today. And it was fun.

He laughed and I wagged and all was well in our little play world.

As the playtime drew to a close I found myself thinking of that song. Where were we going? It didn’t matter. When will we get there? Neither of us cared. All that we knew is we were having fun.

I find that to be the case sometime as even my forever people and extended family have playtime with my dear toddler. It’s like time stops and no one cares how silly they would look if a stranger saw what was happening. None of that matters in this land of imagination where anything is possible and laughter doesn’t stop.

It’s a world that was missing from my forever home until Carter came into it. One where you can be silly and play make believe and step away from it all. One where it truly doesn’t matter where you’re going or when you’ll get there as long as you’re having fun.

For a snapshot of the the world I speak of, click here.


The Diaper Change Fiasco

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Wiley Schmidt:

“Dang, you’re heavy,” I heard dad say, as (I think) he tried to change a diaper I definitely wasn’t wearing.

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I thought for a second I was in a dream. But I definitely was not. What was happening was real. And it kind of freaked me out. Last night somewhere in the wee hours, dad picked me up out of bed, held me like a baby, and attempted to put me in something I’ve heard called a changing table.

“Dang, you’re heavy,” he half-stammered in his sleepy state. That’s when I figured it out. He thought I was Carter. He had mistaken all 20 pounds of terrier that I am for his child and was about to change my nonexistent diaper. I couldn’t have that (any more than I could wear such a diaper contraption), so I wiggled my way out of that situation right quick.Peace.

It wasn’t until morning that it all paid off for me. It happened as dad retold the story to mom, who miraculously managed to…

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A Moment in Motion March 27, 2015

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I’m not going to lie. There has been a lot of not the best things happening around here. From the illnesses and the teething and the cold weather and the tick bite, it hasn’t been a banner couple of weeks in my forever home. Finding the silver lining has been necessary lately, and it hasn’t necessarily always been easy.

Today required no such effort. Today, joy came to me in a way I wasn’t expecting in a moment I wasn’t expecting it.

My dear grandma was here again this afternoon helping tend to Carter so my forever mom could rest her ailing self. She and mom were talking about something that sounded unpleasant waiting for Carter to fall asleep for his nap when it happened.

I watched as mom frantically grabbed for her mom’s hand and put it on her stomach. At first I didn’t get it. Then I remembered, almost in the same moment as grandma felt it.

The baby! My new little person was reportedly doing all kinds of somersaults and other acrobatics throughout the day today and at that moment, my grandma got to be the first person to feel the action (other then mom, obviously).

Now and Always

There was something special about it I couldn’t quite put my paw on at first. I know mom was relieved because she had worried so much about any medicines she’d been taking (so she saw movement as a good sign). I’m sure grandma felt a similar sense of relief by proxy (I know I did).

There was more to it than that, though. And it took me a bit to realize what it was. I will never know or understand what it’s like to be a mom, but in that moment, I think I witness motherhood coming full circle.

My mom was sharing a special moment with her mom that only moms can really share together.

I was just happy to be there to see it all unfold. Especially given all the not-so-great things that have been happening around here lately. Sure, they all have their very own silver linings. But the challenges also have an inherent power to make those moments of real, unadulterated joy that much more meaningful.


Mind Over Matter

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Wiley Schmidt:

Babies write their own pregnancy books. And no two are the same.

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We thought we were so smart. Reading all those books, blogs and message boards. Doing all that research. Getting the nursery ready. Well, mom did at least. I knew better. I knew that baby Carter would write his own book. And he has not disappointed.

Me and My BuddyHis nights and days are flip flopped. Sometimes he cries when there is nothing to cry about. And then he smiles in his sleep about who knows what. I’ll be honest. I know nothing about babies. Absolutely nothing, other than what I’ve heard my forever mom and dad discuss between themselves, and the odds and ends advice they’ve gotten from the visitors in the last couple of weeks.

But I do know this. From what I can tell, my dear little person is every bit of the blessing I knew he would be. He is strong. He is healthy. He sleeps enough. Mom and dad…

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To The Rescue March 26, 2015

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In a word, I was scared. I think we all were. Well, everyone except for dear baby Carter who (miraculously) was sound asleep a few feet away.

Whatever illness it is mom has been fighting with got the best of her last night. The coughing reached the point where it almost resembled one of my most fearsome barks. The pain from all of it brought her to tears. I knew it. Dad knew it. She knew it.

She was scared. I even heard the words “emergency room” mentioned once or twice.

Instead, they powered through and somehow managed to salvage an hour or two of sleep. But it wasn’t over. A sense of panic filled the walls of our forever home from the moment dear Carter woke. Whatever this thing is needed to involve a doctor. But what to do about work? What to do about Carter?

Within minutes, my dear grandma arrived at the scene. Dad went to work. Mom went to the doctor. And she and Carter and I played the day away. When mom came back, she had news that at least brought light to the situation. Hard at Work

Walking pneumonia. From the ground up, it doesn’t sound good.

So grandma stayed until dad came home from work. And mom rested as best she could with all the coughing. I snuggled as best I could as she struggled to get comfortable.

But today wasn’t about me. Today was about dear grandma coming to the rescue in our time of need. As she walked in the door, I felt my fear turn to relief. I knew that while she can’t fix anything (no one can), she could at least bring a sense of comfort to the situation.

And that is exactly what she did.

So today I am grateful for my dear grandma, and for all of those like her who have ever rushed to someone in need to give them whatever they needed, no questions asked. You are all heroes in my book.


A Dog’s Year In Review

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Wiley Schmidt:

A walk down memory lane.

Originally posted on Wiley's Wisdom:

I think we all had a feeling. And it wasn’t even the kind of feeling that we really just wanted it to be over and behind us. It was the kind of feeling where we just knew we were ready for the next chapter. So it was really no surprise to me when Carter Joseph Schmidt entered the world almost three weeks early. Looking Forward

Tomorrow marks his two-week birthday (still a couple days short of the January 16 due date) of December 31. It also marks the two-week observation of New Year’s Resolutions for people all over the world who aspire to make 2014 the best year ever. For some, these resolutions – eating better, exercising more, finally kicking that bad habit – are in full swing. For others, they’ve already been forgotten.

That’s why I don’t particularly care for the theory behind resolutions. So last year I resolved not to make resolutions. Instead, I set goals…

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All I Could Do March 25, 2015

I think I would probably put it darned near close the very bottom of the emotional barrel. Somewhere close to negativity and rage. It’s just one of those personal things with which I, the dog who makes an effort to find the good in all people, places and things, struggle to find a silver lining. Helplessness. From the ground up, there is really no way to sugar coat the way helplessness breaks my heart.

Yet that’s how I have felt for going on three days now, as my dear forever mom does her very best to fight some sort of cold that won’t quit. .Not since Battle Bra Royale in her pregnancy with Carter have I seen her so miserable. And not since then, when (if I recall correctly) she was oddly enough also right about seven months pregnant, have I felt so incredibly helpless. Deep Thinking

At least I am in good company, especially with my dear forever dad who also struggles with the insatiable urge to fix it. (Carter is pretty oblivious, I think, though he has been somewhat more generous with the hugs he gives mom in recent days).

Helplessness. It shook my forever home today as dad ran to the store (twice) for something (anything) that mom can take that is deemed “safe” for pregnancy. Twice he came home with the wrong thing, causing mom to break down in tears. It really was a lose-lose situation for all of us today.

Until tonight, when I did all I can do. As she snuggled into bed much (much) earlier than usual, I snuggled my way as close to her as possible, laid my head on her protruding belly, and sighed heavily. She looked at me, with her puffy eyes and bright red nose and smiled a brighter smile than I’d seen from her all day. She snuggled me closer to her, and I laid there by her side until she fell asleep.

Helplessness. From the ground up, it’s one of those things I struggle with being the optimist I am. Not only is it hard on the helpless helper, but it implies someone or something in need of help isn’t getting what they need. That is, until you realize maybe you’re not as helpless as you think you are.



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