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Tiny Little Lines September 16, 2014

I will never forget the day mom and dad found out they were going to have a little person. My forever mom had a suspicion days before it was confirmed, which I could somehow sense. I know there are naysayers when it comes to a dog’s sense of smell, but I completely disagree with every single one of them. I knew before mom did that she was pregnant.Sleep Snuggles

That doesn’t change the magic of that moment for me though. The moment when she woke dad up one chilly spring morning and flung the stick with the tiny little lines on it in his face. “We’re pregnant!” she said. Though somewhat surprised by everything the moment had to offer, dad shared in her enthusiasm after he had appropriate time to digest the information. They were pregnant. They were having a little person. They were going to be parents.

It’s hard to believe that day is almost a year and a half ago already. Dear baby Carter will soon be nine months old (going on three-years-old depending on who you ask). Time flies, but I’ve found there is something that doesn’t. Tiny little lines. From the ground up, they have their way of sticking around well after that pregnancy test if you ask me.

Take today, for example. Carter has taken to cuddling with mom as he falls asleep at night, which (after months of him wanting nothing to do with snuggles) mom was (albeit selfishly) enjoying. But I know because I’ve been there to witness every single book and blog and article she has read on parenting that she doesn’t want to “spoil” him. So tonight, against her better judgment, I watched as she prayed her bedtime prayer with him, rocked him for a minute and put him down. He cried a bit, but fell asleep shortly thereafter, so I know it was harder on mom than it was on him.

But the truth is I also know this is one of many tiny little lines she and dad will have to cross, just as they did the news that they were having a little person all of those months ago. No matter how many books or blogs or articles they read, one thing remains. They are parents now. Ultimately, it’s up to them to define the line and stick to it.

“Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures,” as Christian author Ed Cole suggested. I don’t know much about them myself, but I from what I do know I definitely agree. Because I never will forget the day mom and dad found out they were pregnant. That was the day they found out the were having a little person.

But beyond that, they were going to be parents. And along with that, there are lots of other days I won’t forget any day soon. Like today, when mom decided that as much as she wanted to snuggle Carter to sleep, it would not be in his best interest to do so. Sometimes it’s not easy to do the right thing. That doesn’t make it any less right.


Man’s Best Friend

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What can I say? It’s been an honor to watch him be a father to my forever little person thus far. :)

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Man’s best friend was lost on me in puppyhood. I have been blessed with more than my fair share of loving motherly types in my life, but I’ve had somewhat a drought of father figures.

I never met my biological father. I hated him for it every day I watched mom struggle to provide and make such short ends meet. My time with her was a gift and I wouldn’t change a bit of it for myself. We had fun, we didn’t go hungry and we always had a (somewhat warm) place to sleep. But I hated him for leaving her to do so much all by herself. And I wonder sometimes if he would have been in the equation if we would have all gotten separated on that fateful day so many years ago.Dad and I

My path in life would never be the same after we got separated. And wow…

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Information Overload September 15, 2014

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If you ask me, it’s all a bit superfluous. Today I took a moment to count the number of electronic devices in my forever home and was frankly a bit mystified at the total. From cell phones to televisions to computers, there are eight electronic gadgets around here. If you ask me that is far too many.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against all these things, especially since I have technology to thank for being able to blog every day like I do. But sometimes when there is a television on and a computer and cell phone in use, it seems to me like an information overload. The Good Life

I’ve noticed dear baby Carter and I seem to have this in common, too. I was watching him today between my mid morning and late morning nap and I noticed he kept getting distracted by what was on the television. There he was, playing away when bam! Doc McStuffins and her crew of Disney Jr. pals grabbed his attention with their songs. The child is drawn to music, this much is true, but I don’t like what I was seeing. I think sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t good anymore.

Or, as Gertrude Stein put it when “everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”

I saw it come to life the other day as mom played peek-a-boo with Carter. It’s a simple game with simple rules that make my eight-month-old puppy brother squeal with glee. Most importantly, it’s a game that involves no screens. The television is off, computers are put away and phones are silenced. And every time mom lifts up the magic blanket to reveal herself, Carter giggles without fail.

If you ask me all the technology, while somewhat necessary, is a bit superfluous really. Because I think it’s true what Gertrude Stein said about too much information. I know each device serves (an albeit valuable) purpose, but I guess I’d take a good game of peek-a-boo over a television show any day.


Sadness: Life’s Most Slippery Slope

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I’m not a fan of flies.

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I lost an argument with a fly today. It was an epic battle of the minds, lasting for what seemed like hours. I don’t know when exactly it was he found his way into my forever home, but I knew the moment I saw him he didn’t belong. So I did what any dog would do. I set out on a mission to take him down to Chinatown. Or at least down out of the sky.

It was not my first rodeo of this kind, and I began confident. I jumped, I twisted, I chased, I growled. I came so close to catching him I could taste victory…yet it evaded me. The darned fly flapped its teeny tiny little wings up to the farthest corner of the bedroom ceiling, a place not even a bed would help me reach. I can’t explain what happened next. I was completely overcome with…

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A Shining Star September 14, 2014

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It’s a kind of ironic thing in life. I have seen it happen dozens of times, usually when it’s not anticipated. It’s just one of those things.

The unexpected. The unanticipated. The surprise. It’s not always a dog’s best friend. Take my cousin Joey, for example. Today he visited the dog park like any other day and was mauled by more than a dozen dogs. Meanwhile some sort of animal photographer was there to “capture the action” as he called it. I don’t stand for such things.Fly our Flags

I’ll tell you what I do support. My dear puppy brother Carter seems to have a way with people that surpasses any grace I’ve ever witnessed. He has this essence about him that can make anyone smile. To be fair, it’s something I used to be capable of that I sadly no longer am. At least from what I can tell.

That is, until the magic happens. I know my mom loves me above (at least) most other things. I know she trusts me, which I value even about the love. It might sound silly, but I know it’s true.

It caught my eye tonight as mom rocked dear baby Carter to sleep. “I wish I may, I wish I might, see a shining star tonight.” I know with my heart that mom saw hers as she rocked the dear sweet boy into a peaceful slumber. But I wish I may and I wish I might, still see a shining star tonight.

The unexpected surprise doesn’t happen much around here. It’s kind of an ironic feature of life when it does. But for me, all can think about is it being one of those things that brings people joy because that’s what it has done around here. From the odd way Carter crawls along to the unique language he has invented, it doesn’t matter. It brings people joy. And I can’t argue with that.


Say A Little Prayer

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Anyone who thinks dogs don’t go to heaven must read this:

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My people were away from home for entirely too long today. Here I am waiting on the usual extra people time that kicks off on Friday nights and I got a whole lot of nothing. Mom didn’t get home to let me outside over her lunch break, which is bad enough. But when they both got home from that place called work they left again right away (to go on something they called a date) and didn’t return until dark.

From Up AboveWhile this is incredibly disappointing, I am with them as I work on the blog tonight and for me that is enough. And it wouldn’t be like me not to find the silver lining in a day of loneliness, now would it? Rather than dwell on my differing levels of happiness when I’m with my people (versus when I’m not) I choose instead to focus on the clarity of thought…

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That Silly Little Sleep Smile September 13, 2014

It’s back. And in a way, so am I.

After a several month hiatus, I might dare say the snuggle master otherwise known as dear baby Carter has returned. Not only that, but the revival has brought with it another thing of the (not-so-distant) past. The silly little sleep smile that first brought a joyful tear to mom’s eyes all those months ago has returned to Carter’s cuteness repertoire.

Apparently mom first noticed it as she rocked Carter to sleep last night, and it happened again tonight. It’s nothing I could see from my vantage point (especially since it was dark), but just hearing her talk about it so fondly, as if it was something she thought she might have lost touch with forever, really brought home something for me. 2014-04-23 21.13.34 20140609_095937

I was being rather aloof for a few months there. All of the time I’d spent in my little doggie life dreaming about what it would be like to have my very own little person became a reality for which I don’t think I was adequately prepared. I had envisioned the games of fetch and running around together in my backyard paradise. I hadn’t exactly imagined the loud noises (which all amplify with my fine-tuned doggie hearing) and the fur and tail pulling (ouch!). I also didn’t realize especially my mom could love something more than she loved me. (Other than dad, obviously).

But alas, since the day he was born, mom will tell anyone who will listen about how she never knew she could love something so little so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her. I’m happy she’s so happy. She’s a completely different (more genuinely joyful) person than she was when I started this blog all of those months ago.

I think it’s probably something every fur baby who preceded the first child in a forever home comes across. The reality is I’m no longer top dog around here. And, while that has taken some getting used to (primarily by means of me hiding out in various locations where people aren’t in my forever home) I think I’m over it.

That silly little sleep smile is back. And in a way so am I. I realized it tonight as I curled up on the rug in Carter’s room I know is there specially for me. I could tell mom was seeing that silly little sleep smile because her smile (and her happy tears) gave it away. I’m not doing anyone any favors by hiding away. Ultimately all I’m doing is missing the joyful moments that make the chaotic ones worth living. That ends today.




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